Fresh sprouts are the seeds of early germination phase. Sprouts are so precious as a food because of its richness in vitamins and microelements, as these are necessary for a germinating plant to grow fast.

The earliest records of sprouts ingestion come from 18th century. English sailors were supplied with barley and bean sprouts to avoid scurvy (lack of Vitamin C) during their long voyages.

Contemporary researches prove that sprouts are rich in valuable nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. They are also a source of valuable vitamins - A, B1, B6 and C. Sprouts are also a pure natural food, what is even more precious comparing to pharmaceutical dietary supplements. Moreover, fresh sprouts are available all year long, which is extremely beneficial in the autumn – winter and pre-harvest season.

In our offer you can find various sprouts, such as radish sprouts and sunflower sprouts, as well as mixed sprouts.

  • Broccoli sprouts

    Broccoli sprouts, just like broccoli itself and other cruciferous vegetables contain sulforaphane, which exhibits anticancer properties and in some cases, prevents the development of cancer cells.

  • Mung beans sprouts

    Mung bean, just like the other legumes is a priceless source of protein. Due to enzymes that are essential for germination processes, this protein is easily assimilable, and the sprouts themselves are much more easy to digest than a regular bean.

  • Lucerne sprouts

    Recommended for pregnant women and during lactation, as well as for the vegetarians.

  • Radish sprouts

    Radish sprouts are famous for its wonderful healing properties for cold and flu. It is because they are rich in vitamin C (radish sprouts contain 2,5 more vitamin C than its roots), but they are also an effective cough expectorant.

  • Sunflower sprouts

    Sunflower sprouts provide the body with phosphorus and calcium, which are mineral substances strengthening bones and teeth, as well as the iron which is necessary for haematopoiesis – the process used to create new blood cells.

  • STIR FRY – pan sprouts

    STRIP FRY is a mixture of Mung bean sprouts, chickpea and two types of lentil sprouts. It is specially composed to be prepared and served hot.

  • MIX – sprouts mix

    Excellent for the beginners to start your adventure with sprouts – it is a delicious mixture of radish, lucerne and lentil.

Better aroma
and flavour

Fresh herbs are used in cuisines all around the world since the ancient times. Fresh and dried leaves, stems or flowers – they all enrich the flavour and aroma of dishes. Moreover – and we are usually not aware of that – herbs effect our bodies in various ways. The can increase our appetite, facilitate digestion, have calming properties or – on the contrary – can be stimulating. Some of them are healing for various aches and pains.

Herbs from our offer grow in a traditional and natural way – in peat substratum, with systematic approach to irrigation and proper lighting. Under such conditions the plants accumulate appropriate amount of essential oils, which enrich the flavours and aromas of dishes.

The farming processes are clean from chemical pesticides, in favor of organic farming. Thanks to this we can assure only natural herbs of the highest quality.

  • Basil herb

    Basil increases appetite and is excellent for digestion. It is used for various stomach diseases and is known for its demulcent and antibacterial properties.

  • Tarragon herb

    Tarragon increases appetite as well as gastric acid secretion. Very helpful for various stomach aches and pains.

  • Coriander

    Coriander increases appetite as well as gastric acid secretion. It is known for its spasmolytic properties. It supports circulatory system functions, because it dissolves cholesterol.

  • Lovage

    Lovage is an expectorant herb, with highly effective properties supporting the urinary system.

  • Marjoram herb

    Marjoram is a demulcent and antibacterial herb. It increases gastric acid secretion and helps to regulate digestive system. It is known for its sedative activity. Marjoram essential oil is used for inhalation in case of upper respiratory tract infections.

  • Melissa herb

    Melissa is a popular medicinal herb with versatile healing properties – calms, overcomes insomnia and stress. It can relieve headaches and has good influence on digestive and blood system. Melissa also improves concentration.

  • Mint herb

    Mint leaves are known for its antispasmodic and stimulating properties. It also increases gastric acid secretion. Mint tea is commonly used for upset stomach and indigestion. Very often used for mouth and throat rinse.

  • Oregano herb

    Oregano has a number of potential health benefits, because of its disinfecting and spasmolytic properties. Its essential oil, called thymol is very helpful for healing skin wounds, and the oregano tea is used for throat rinse.

  • Parsley herb

    Parsley is known for its anti-bacterial properties, as it may regulate and stimulate digestive system as well as urinary system. Due to its iron richness, it is specially recommended as an important element of anemia diet.

  • Rosemary herb

    Rosemary is an antiseptic herb and it also strengthens the body. It is said that rosemary improves memory.

  • Arugula/Rucola

    Arugula, also known as salad rocket or rucola, is very popular in the Mediterranean cuisine. Its flavour is racy and sharp, little bit spicy and bitter. Commonly used for salads and often added to seafood.

  • Sage/Salvia

    Sage is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory herb, with digestive system regulating properties. This herb has a power to calm and it also decreases blood sugar.

  • Thyme

    Thyme, as a medical herb is a powerful germicide and fungicide. Due to its expectorant properties, it is commonly used for throat diseases.

  • We invite you to enjoy the fruits of our work and experience. Bon appetite!

  • Sprouts and herbs from “Pokarm Życia” are cultivated in accordance with the GLOBALGAP standards, defining the principles of safety and quality.

  • Vegetable sprouts from Pokarm Życia® are cultivated from carefully selected seeds.

  • Fresh herbs from Pokarm Życia® are an excellent, healthy and aromatic accompaniments to various meals.

About us

GOH Ltd. was established in 2010 throughout the organic growth of H.&Z. Ziembińscy Agricultural Holding. Our activities are based on rich experience in farming vegetables, fresh herbs and sprouts. Practical knowledge and passion for gardening was gathered for over 20 years and handed down from generation to generation, what resulted in creation of the best quality products. We pay special attention to organic and natural gardening to provide our customers a wide range of healthy, tasty and flavoursome sprouts and herbs. For many years our products, delivered under the name of “Pokarm Życia” (Eng. The Food of Life) are highly appreciated by all who treasure fresh and healthy food.

Sprouts and herbs from “Pokarm Życia” are cultivated in accordance with the GLOBALGAP standards, defining the principles of safety and quality.

We invite you to enjoy the fruits of our work and experience. Bon appetite!