Thyme herb

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L) is native to Mediterranean region. It is a bushy plant with characteristic oblong, narrow leaves, wrapped from both sides. Thyme bush grows up to 30cm. Known since ancient times when it was used for making incenses; Egyptians used thyme for mummification.

Thyme, as a medical herb is a powerful germicide and fungicide. Due to its expectorant properties, it is commonly used for throat diseases.

Thyme is very popular in French and Italian cuisine, where it’s used for meats and fishes. It is also added to fatty sauces and heavy soups (e.g. pea soup).

Thyme likes… a chicken – add some thyme to a roast chicken and discover its interesting and herbal taste. You can also mix thyme with chicken salads and serve it cold.


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