Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus L.) grows wild in Asia, Europe and North America. Tarragon became popular in Europe in the middle ages, as it was adopted from Arabic cuisine. Tarragon bush grows up to 150cm tall with thin woody stems. The leaves have an oblong, narrow shape and very intensive, distinctive smell.

Tarragon increases appetite as well as gastric acid secretion. Very helpful for various stomach aches and pains.

Tarragon is used for salads and casseroles. Excellent for fish and egg dishes. Very popular in French cuisine where it’s commonly used for various sauces. Great for meat marinades. Try tarragon with cooked or stewed vegetables. Tarragon also enhances the taste of no-salt meals, therefore it is commonly used for saltless diets.

Tarragon likes… a fish– just add one tarragon sprig to a fish broiled in foil. Baked or fried fish (for instance, served with cooked vegetables) is also excellent with the following mayonnaise yogurt sauce: add 1-2 squeezed garlic cloves, chopped tarragon, salt and pepper to taste.



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