Mint (Mentha L.) is a perennial plant appearing in over 30 spieces. The most popular one (also in Poland) is peppermint, which is a combination of two other mint spieces. This herb grows in Europe, Asia and Africa, reaching up to 90cm tall, with dark green leaves and small yellow dots on it.

Mint leaves are known for its antispasmodic and stimulating properties. It also increases gastric acid secretion. Mint tea is commonly used for upset stomach and indigestion. Very often used for mouth and throat rinse.

It is very popular in gastronomy because of its really refreshing smell and taste. Usually used for salads and is perfect with tomatoes. Mint is often added to heavy sauces and fatty meat dishes, because of its pro-digestion properties. It is one of the ‘Herbs de Provence’ ingredients, very popular herb mix. Commonly used in confectionery to break down the sweetness of deserts. Very popular in refreshing drinks

Mint likes… a lemon – just brew fresh or dried leaves and wait a couple of minutes until it’s ready. Then add fresh squeezed 1 lemon juice and a few slices of it. Use ice cubes to cool the drink. You can also sweeten a bit, if you like. Excellent drink for hot days.


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