Melisa, also called Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.) is a perennial herb growing wild in the Mediterranean area and Central Asia. At present it is cultivated all around Europe including Poland. It grows up to 60cm tall, with cordate leaves of dark green and yellow colours. In Poland called ‘pszczelnik’ (eng. Dragonhead) because its essential oil strongly attracts the bees; it is a melliferous plant.

Melisa is a medicinal herb of versatile application. It has healing properties – calms, overcomes insomnia and stress. It can relieve headaches and has good influence on digestive and blood system. Melissa also improves concentration.

Its fresh lemony flavour makes it very popular for cooking (applies only to fresh leaves). Melisa is used for salads and can be a substitute for lemongrass.

Melisa likes… a lemon – its fresh lemony flavour enhances the taste and smell of the lemon. Therefore it is so often used for preparing sauces and marinades of a refreshing lemon taste.


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