Marjoram (Origanum majorana L.) is native to Mediterranean regions, but at present it is cultivated in many countries. Grows up to 50cm tall with stems densely covered with tiny leaves.

Marjoram is a demulcent and antibacterial herb. It increases gastric acid secretion and helps to regulate digestive system. It is known for its sedative activity. Marjoram essential oil is used for inhalation in case of upper respiratory tract infections.

It is commonly used for soups (bean soup, pea soup, sour rye soup ‘żurek’), as well as meats, making sausages and cured meat products. Because of its pro-digestion properties, it is mainly used for heavy, fatty meals – e.g. lamb, goose. Marjoram is an ingredient of ‘Herbs de Provence’, very popular herb mix.

Marjoram likes… pork loin – therefore it is recommended as a basic ingredient of batters and marinades.


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