Broccoli sprouts

Broccoli sprouts, just like broccoli itself and other cruciferous vegetables contain sulforaphane, which exhibits anticancer properties and in some cases, prevents the development of cancer cells.

Mung beans sprouts

Mung bean, just like the other legumes is a priceless source of protein. Due to enzymes that are essential for germination processes, this protein is easily assimilable, and the sprouts themselves are much more easy to digest than a regular bean.

Lucerne sprouts

Recommended for pregnant women and during lactation, as well as for the vegetarians.

Radish sprouts

Radish sprouts are famous for its wonderful healing properties for cold and flu. It is because they are rich in vitamin C (radish sprouts contain 2,5 more vitamin C than its roots), but they are also an effective cough expectorant.

Sunflower sprouts

Sunflower sprouts provide the body with phosphorus and calcium, which are mineral substances strengthening bones and teeth, as well as the iron which is necessary for haematopoiesis – the process used to create new blood cells.

STIR FRY – pan sprouts

STRIP FRY is a mixture of Mung bean sprouts, chickpea and two types of lentil sprouts. It is specially composed to be prepared and served hot.

MIX – sprouts mix

Excellent for the beginners to start your adventure with sprouts – it is a delicious mixture of radish, lucerne and lentil.