Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is native to regions of West Asia and India, and now it is cultivated throughout Europe. Grows up to 1m tall, with upper leaves a bit similar to a dill, and very strong, distinctive smell (unpleasant, as many says).

Coriander increases appetite as well as gastric acid secretion. It is known for its spasmolytic properties. It supports circulatory system functions, because it dissolves cholesterol.

For cooking we use fresh leaves as well as its seeds. Crushed seeds are a component of curry – very popular Indian spice mixture. It is also used for meat marinades (lamb, pork or game meat). Sometimes it is added to pies (apple pie, cheese pie). Fresh leaves flavour a tomato sauce, giving it a really unique taste. Coriander is also used for oriental salads.

Coriander likes… an avocado – want to try? Just peel and avocado, slice it and put on the sandwich. Then sprinkle chopped coriander and a bit of lemon juice.


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